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Equity and Compliance

Equity and Compliance

Equity and Compliance provides the college community with guidance and training on nondiscrimination, civil rights, and cultural engagement.

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Our Services

  • Support of cultural engagement events 
    • Black History Month  
    • Hispanic Heritage Month  
    • Women’s History Month 
    • Appalachian Heritage 
  • Guidance on compliance with state and federal laws  
    • Affirmative Action 
    • Americans with Disabilities Act 
    • Title 6 
    • Title 7 
    • Title 9 
    • Tennessee Higher Education Freedom of Expression and Transparency Act 
  • Support to employee resource groups (ERGs) 
  • Non-discrimination awareness 
  • Sexual and domestic violence awareness  

Training Opportunities

  • Discrimination and harassment training
  • Annual Title 6 and Title 9 training